Monday, March 5, 2012

The Best Decision of My College Career

So I have talked about my time as a Teaching Fellow at LR and songs from my time in college. I guess it is time to talk about one of the best decisions I made during my time in college... joining Sigma Kappa.

Ok so I think some people are surprised that I would say that is my best decision and not marrying Daniel. But without Sigma Kappa I really don't think I would have ever even met Daniel or had the confidence to talk to him.

See, for me Sigma Kappa was more that a sorority, more than partying and amazingly supportive sisters. It really transformed me from a insecure and unsure 18 year old girl to a confident and happy 22 year old woman. Get ready for picture EXPLOSION!!

Here is the beginning of my Sigma Kappa journey.
Left- my bid day! There were 13 in my pledge class (my college is small and chapter total can only be 45)
Center- After pledge pinning (so glad I never have to wear those whites again!)
Right- my door after I accepted my bid!

This is my Little! She is the best! Along with our amazing family the Purple Penguins. I wanted her so bad as my Little Sister when she joined EK but I didn't want to bug her. Luckily she put me as her number one choice for her big. She was even one of my bridesmaids. She is amazing and one of the reasons Sigma Kappa was one of the best decisions.

And there was always a chance to get dressed up crazy and have a great time! From recruitment parties, to mixers, philanthropies.

One of my favorite memories was my sisters at my wedding and them singing to me. It really meant a lot and showed Sigma Kappa last beyond just the confines of college.

There has been so many great memories with so many great girls. Laughing, crying, fighting, and many other things we might not be able to remember. I loved my time in Sigma Kappa and really am appreciative for all the experiences I had during my time in Sigma Kappa.


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