Monday, March 12, 2012

Taproom and More Amazing Food

Ok so Hickory isn't my favorite place in the world. It rains all the time (seriously I feel like I am in Settle) and there isn't always exciting things going on.

But there is one thing Hickory does right... FOOD! There are tons of chain restaurants, we just got a Mellow Mushroom!

But there are also wonderful local places that everyone NEEDS to try!

1. The Olde Hickory Tap Room- come to Hickory and eat here. The food is decently priced, the beer is wonderful, atmosphere great, and the service sucks. Yes I said sucks. But everything else about it is so amazing you can look over the bad service. Get the Ruby Lager, best beer ever and I am going to miss it like crazy when we leave. Also get the Martin, Jerk chicken sandwich. So yummy!

2. Da Vinci's- Italian food at it's best. Get the Vodka pasta, it is heaven in your mouth. Also they give you bread when you sit down and I always appreciate free bread. Also there cheesecake is so tasty, especially since the whip cream on it is HOMEMADE. I have never had homemade whip cream before and when I had it I died.

3. Wild Wok- It is an Asian Bistro with some amazing prices and great sushi. You can get the "Bento Box" for $9.99 which includes an entree, rice, either spring/egg roll or salad, and a sushi roll. For ten bucks! Yes please! And on their website they have printable coupons you can use pretty much anytime.

4. China King- ok please don't judge me for this pick. It is pretty much just a chinese take out place. The kind where you can't use a debit/credit card unless you spend over $10.00. But the food is so good and so convenient. China King is where I discovered fried cheese wontons. Sorority sisters introduced me to China King and I haven't eaten there at least once a month since. I love it!

5. Cook-Out- ok this place is not specific to Hickory. It is actually a North Carolina thing. But for anyone who does not have a Cook-Out your waist line probably thanks you but you are sooooo missing out! Cook-Out Trays are the perfect late night snack or in a rush for a meal. You get a "entree" and then 2 sides plus a drink (Sweet Tea in my case, sometimes called Crack Tea) for under 5 bucks. Also their milkshakes are so delicious, 40 flavors! And you can mix flavors. I love to get peanut butter milkshake mixed with Heath bars.

6. Rita's- Again not a specific place to Hickory but it is so amazing. It opened about 3 years ago and they have italian ice and custard. They are so friendly too! And Italian Ice sounds so much more healthy than Ice-cream right?

Any places I am leaving out?
What are your favorite restaurants?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Miracles Do Happen

Ok so as I have said before I have given up shopping for lent. And let me tell you, it has been HARD!! I have been just going online and filling up shopping carts full of everything I want and then closing out the site and breathing a sigh of relief.

There is a few things helping with my shopping withdraws.

Daniel bought me a pair of shoes. The sandals on my wish list from Target! 

For Valentine's Day Daniel ordered me a pair of Toms. Well when I got them they ran a size big, so I had to send them back to exchange them :( But on a happy note I am now waiting for them to come in so it is kind of like shopping but not really.

And the biggest thing getting me through me giving up shopping for lent?? I won Ruche's Enchantment Giveaway. Which means I got a $75 gift card to use at Ruche for a post I did on their new lookbook.

Because I have no self-control I have already spent every penny of my gift card... Here's what I bought!

The Sweet Caroline Curvy Plus Dress and the Hawthorne Curvy Plus Midi Skirt. I will have to post pictures once I get them!! 

Any recent purchases you are excited about?
How is lent going for anyone that it doing it? 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Commercials can Actually be Amazing

You know when you go to the movies and how now in days not only are there previews (which I LOVE) but there are now commercials before the previews?

Yeah I hate that. I do not come to the movies to see commercials. If I wanted commercials I would sit at home on my own couch probably pantless watching tv (what? I like comfort!)

However, the last time I went to the movies there was the most amazing commercial! It was for Chipotle, which I have never eaten at but now vow to do based on their commercial. It actually made me tear up. It is such a great commercial that speaks volumes (without really speaking) about living a sustainable life.

What did you think? 
Did it move you as much as it did me or am I just a baby?
And what about Willie Nelson's version of The Scientist? AMAZING (in my opinion)

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Best Decision of My College Career

So I have talked about my time as a Teaching Fellow at LR and songs from my time in college. I guess it is time to talk about one of the best decisions I made during my time in college... joining Sigma Kappa.

Ok so I think some people are surprised that I would say that is my best decision and not marrying Daniel. But without Sigma Kappa I really don't think I would have ever even met Daniel or had the confidence to talk to him.

See, for me Sigma Kappa was more that a sorority, more than partying and amazingly supportive sisters. It really transformed me from a insecure and unsure 18 year old girl to a confident and happy 22 year old woman. Get ready for picture EXPLOSION!!

Here is the beginning of my Sigma Kappa journey.
Left- my bid day! There were 13 in my pledge class (my college is small and chapter total can only be 45)
Center- After pledge pinning (so glad I never have to wear those whites again!)
Right- my door after I accepted my bid!

This is my Little! She is the best! Along with our amazing family the Purple Penguins. I wanted her so bad as my Little Sister when she joined EK but I didn't want to bug her. Luckily she put me as her number one choice for her big. She was even one of my bridesmaids. She is amazing and one of the reasons Sigma Kappa was one of the best decisions.

And there was always a chance to get dressed up crazy and have a great time! From recruitment parties, to mixers, philanthropies.

One of my favorite memories was my sisters at my wedding and them singing to me. It really meant a lot and showed Sigma Kappa last beyond just the confines of college.

There has been so many great memories with so many great girls. Laughing, crying, fighting, and many other things we might not be able to remember. I loved my time in Sigma Kappa and really am appreciative for all the experiences I had during my time in Sigma Kappa.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Crazy things I do

I gave up shopping for lent. So from February 21st to April 8th I will not be shopping for clothes, accessories, or shoes.

This is HUGE!! For me! I am a shopaholic. I also try to make myself feel better by mentioning how I buy most things on sale or at a super bargain price. But my shopping has gotten out of hand.

I am not only giving up shopping for lent because it will help my bank account but also because I need to learn to be filled from God, not material things. I am trying to focus on the non-materialistic blessings God gives me and be more thankful for what I have.

However, with this being said I have been lusting over so many different clothing items online. In order to curb my shopping I have decided on Fridays I am going to post my wish lists.


Apparently not only am I dying to shop but I am particularly obsessed with coral/salmon color. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I read this quote earlier today and it perfectly sums up my goal for life. 

It's a Dog Eat Dog World

Daniel and I made the plunge! We got a dog puppy! We went the Humane Society of Catawba County (check out their website, they have so adorable dogs and cats for adoption!).

We went into it saying we wanted a full grown dog so we didn't have to worry about house training/training in general. We had looked at the website some but really thought seeing the dogs in person would help us make our decision.

After looking around we decided on our little Rin (they named her and we kept the name). She is 4 months old but they said she might be a couple of months older. She is a part boxer part lab mix.

Daniel is so very happy! He is the one that really wanted a dog. I am a huge animal lover but I had some reservations because I knew I would be the one home with her the most and it is added responsibility. However, now that we got her home I am in love! She is such a sweetie and has only barked a couple of times.

She is a lazy girl but every day she gets a little more active. A couple of days ago she got out of her harness and nearly gave Daniel and I a heart attack. Since then she has been deathly afraid of outside but we are working on it. 

I love her so much and cannot wait for her to get even more comfortable with us. I am so glad we have added to our little Deal Family! 

Any tips or suggestions on getting her used to outside?
Dog training or house training tips? She prefers pooping in the kitchen to outdoors, we prefer outdoors.