Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dorky Couple Traditions

Daniel and I are sometimes that sickeningly cute couple. We try to avoid it around people (for real sitting on separate couches and not touching around others) but when it is just us to we are way vomit inducing cute.

(Please ignore my shiny face that also looks like I'm drunk- I wasn't)

One of our traditions is watching Walking Dead on Sunday Nights. I know romantic right?? For our Valentine's we spent the Sunday before V-Day watching a Walking Dead Marathon. It was amazing! We even splurged and had pizza delivered to the apartment so we could stay in our pjs all day.

Another one of our dorky traditions is every night when we get in bed and are ready to go to sleep we have a little routine. It goes something like this:

Me: "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite- handsome pantsome [made up word I use because it rhymes]
Daniel: "Only you, cutie booty [we really like rhyming]. Sleep well and sweet dream my dear."
Me: "Thanks sweetie. I love you more than the ocean loves the rain."
Daniel: "I love you more than the fire loves the air. Forever and always."
Me: "Without a doubt."
Daniel: "You better believe it."
Me: "I do and you should too."
Daniel: "I do!"

Feel free to gag multiple times but it is something we have done every night since we have been married. Even the one and only night we have spent apart we skyped and said it that way. 

There is also our monthly or every other month weekend trip. We have gone to Hilton Head Island, Washington DC, Boone, Greenville SC and a lot of random little day trips around the area. We definitely want to take as many trips as we can because this is a time when we don't have commitments. 

Anyway, those are some of traditions and little couplely things we do! Feel free to share anything you and your significant other might do! I love ideas!


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