Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok so I have a tendency to hide some of my favorite stores because I do not want people to either a. fall in love and wear all the cute things I do or b. buy up the things I want before I can get them.

But I just can't hide my love of Ruche! Their clothes are affordable and adorable! Another bonus because they have a curvy plus line which caters to us girls that have a little more to love. :)

They just released their newest lookbook Enchantment. Please take a look, you will fall in love with all the clothes and the styling. Great for inspiration when you are in a style rut.

One of my favorite looks from the collection is this one:

The bike! The socks! The lace! What's not to love?? I want to replicate this outfit as soon as possible. Especially the loose waves. I truly am Enchanted with Ruche's lookbook:


  1. Congratulations brit for winning the ruche's giveaway... i guess it's not my time yet :p. Lucky you! :)

  2. Thanks! I am so excited! They are one of my favorite stores and with me giving up shopping for lent it is the perfect little surprise.

    But they are always having giveaways so your turn might be next! Check out their twitter and on Mondays they have a giveaway for $25 with their Monday Muse contest!


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